About Me

My mission is simple – improve health and vitality, lower unnecessary stress and illness.


I’m a health coach … mindfulness trainer … husband … father of four … dog owner … singer in a band, among many other things.

I’ve worked in a number of different industries in a wide variety of roles, from stacking supermarket shelves as a spotty teenager to implementing global systems for large multinationals for 20 years. Most of these roles involved working with people from many different countries. Throughout this time I’ve met people leading inspiring and fulfilling lives.  Unfortunately I’ve also noticed how many people are living unhealthy, stressed, tired and directionless lives in need of real change.

My purpose is simple … to help those that are ready to take action make change and improve their health. Given time, a healthy, balanced and enjoyable life is within the grasp of us all.

How my journey to health began …

It was about 6am on a Saturday, following the celebrations of my 30th birthday, that I first realised something was not right. Looking back it was glaringly obvious but that’s the benefit of hindsight. I was sat on a fence outside my friend’s house, following yet another heavy night out. I’d been over doing it week after week since my late teens and I’d suddenly had enough. It was time to stop – my body couldn’t take this anymore. At least, not on a regular basis.

From that day onwards I’ve been on a mission – to re-gain a real sense of health, well-being and vitality. It’s been quite a journey so far – overcoming chronic health issues along the way. This has been worth every single minute. From the myriad inspiring, knowledgeable and dedicated people I’ve met, to powerful insights on how the human body and mind functions. This is the stuff that makes me tick.

My credentials


Thanks for reading and please get in touch if I can help in any way.