Mindfulness Training

Simply put, in order to experience the benefits of mindfulness, it’s essential to practice. It’s no different to training for a marathon or learning French – practice is key. Flexing your mindfulness muscles will lead to a more mindful life and the all accompanying benefits.

The key steps are:

1. Guidance – quality instruction can save a lot of time, effort and frustration.
2. Start small but consistent – starting the practice with small but consistent steps is the most reliable way to progress.
4. Keep it simple – don’t try too hard as this can cause blocks. Meditation is different to many day-to-day activities, often letting go of expectations of outcomes can be very helpful.
3. Build up over time – as confidence and capacities increase, build up the practice to the level required.
4. Support – surround yourself with a supportive mindfulness teacher or group – ideally both!

It’s worth mentioning that building up a stable mindfulness practice does not happen overnight but improves a little by little each day. Nonetheless, changes in our state of mind can often be noticed quite soon after starting out – these only increase over time.

Mindfulness is ultimately a path of self-responsibility and in building up a practice we can build up a strong practice which can be equally helpful in the good times and during the more turbulent periods of our life.

The training is tailored to the specific needs of the group or individual but will often involve a series of 6 sessions to start the understand the concepts and try out the practice. Follow-up weekly sessions are also then very useful to embed the training and deepen the understanding.

So what next?

To book or find out more, please email here or give me a call on 0788 6215867.

My credentials:
  • 15 years of mindfulness practice including many meditation retreats.
  • Creating and running a mindfulness program for the UK base of a global consumer goods business.