“Simon is enthusiastic and very knowledgeable about nutrition and wellbeing, this combined with a friendly approach made him incredibly easy to work with. I approached Simon initially with symptoms of fatigue and a desire to stop reaching for sweet sugary foods. With his help I was able to introduce strategies to improve my overall diet and address the way I thought about food. He also recognised that I needed to adjust my approach to exercise as I was doing too much of the wrong thing. I soon started to feel more energised and even lost some weight along the way. 
I continue to tap into Simon’s wealth of knowledge as and when I need to. I love his refreshing and personal approach … I often recommend him to friends!”

Andrea – St Albans


“When I first met Simon I rarely exercised, ate only moderate amounts of fruit and vegetables and regularly ate processed food and excess sugar. I had acne and was slightly overweight. With Simon’s deep nutritional knowledge, his encouragement and positivity, I now have clear skin, a healthy body weight and am probably the fittest I have ever been even though I’m now in my forties. Thanks to Simon’s guidance I have fitted exercise into my every day routine, including running, resistance exercises and yoga. Despite having polycystic ovaries and experiencing infertility I managed to become pregnant naturally by changing my diet. With Simon’s realistic and expert advice I now have good eating habits that suit my body type and are easy to maintain. I may be biased, as Simon is my husband, but he really has transformed my life in many ways!”

Jakki – Watford


“Simon is very knowledgeable, friendly and tactful in his approach to nutrition and healthy living. He empowered me with the knowledge that eating the right foods has to be a lifestyle change and a wholistic approach for the family. Simon answered many questions I had and offered a very personalised approach which I thoroughly appreciated. We discussed the 80/20 food/exercise split and how to implement this into my busy family and work life. If something didn’t work for me he had a new suggestion ready to try and helped me to commit some “me time” in my busy lifestyle. The guidance on sleep, eating the right foods, time out for myself and some exercise has had a positive impact on both my family and myself, reduced stress levels and also noticed gradual weight loss. I would strongly recommend Simon if you need some help with improving stress and making healthy lifestyle changes with his friendly yet professional approach.”

Sona – St Albans







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