The power of small changes


So in the last few months I’ve had a number of big tasks to complete, one of which was to review and update my website so that it reflects my current focus – to include a more complete view on health. As is often the case, at first glance the task can seem difficult to start and very time consuming. Questions arose like do I re-design from scratch or modify existing pages? Which content do I update? What should I call it? What else do I need to do if i change the name? However, the only way to make progress was one step at a time and after a while a rhythm of progress and change started to emerge. In this case, I would schedule one main task per day that would take approximately 30 minutes. Once completed, I would then define and schedule the next day’s task.

The effect of this was very powerful in that it broke down difficult tasks into manageable pieces – the net result was that after 30 days or so my new site was completed, even though when I started out I had no clear idea of the end product. Once each step was completed the next step became clear. I’ve applied this ‘process’ approach to many other projects and found it very helpful. It also can lower stress around work that needs completing as there is a sense of satisfaction and progress at each step of the way – no need to get everything done now!

As always, try this it and see how it works for you.

Thanks for reading and comments much appreciated.