Personalised programs to help you fix the fatigue, drop the stress and get your energy back!

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There are so many demands on our time it can be hard to know what to do first. With so much information available on health and well-being it’s hard to sift out the good stuff – it seems like an ever moving target. So, what helps? What doesn’t? This is where I come in …

I’ve spent over 15 years studying health and nutrition with a specific focus around lowering stress, re-energising and getting balance back into life. I review the latest research and include this in my coaching program –  cutting through the maze of health advice so you don’t have to!

Taking this approach has consistently enabled me to regain my own health following chronic illness – my mission is helping others to do the same.




How we do this – the 5 Step Action Plan

I help you to drop the stress, maximise energy and reach your health goals by:

  1. Getting clear on your current health reality.
  2. Investigating your options for change.
  3. Supporting you to remove any blocks that hinder progress.
  4. Getting commitment for action and change in a balanced, practical and sustainable way that fits in with your lifestyle.
  5. Rinsing and repeating the above!

This guidance is based on how we have evolved as humans and how we are designed to live. My favourite analogy here is that of fuelling a car – put petrol into a diesel engine, it won’t work properly. It’s the same with our bodies, put the wrong fuel in and see what happens!


My role

  • Asking the right questions.
  • Acting as an accountability partner to keep you on track.
  • Filtering out the noise so you just get the critical tools and systems for change.
  • Supporting you through the process to help change habits.
  • Working with you to become self-sufficient  – ensuring you have the tools to maximise your own long-term health.


My specialisms are how to:

  • Maximise energy and resilience.
  • Drop the stress.
  • Lose weight then keep it off.
  • Eat low carb.
  • Age well.
  • Regulate blood sugar effectively.
  • Improve sleep.
  • Design the optimal lifestyle.


How we work together

Mainly one-to-one coaching  – currently online via Zoom, Skype, Facetime or phone but hopefully soon in person again. I’m just north of London (Watford). I currently run the programs below:

  1. KICK-STARTER – 1 x 50 minute session to get your health journey started.
  2. ACCELERATOR – 6 weeks with weekly 50 minute sessions and e-mail support.
  3. OVERHAUL – 12 weeks with weekly 50 minute sessions and e-mail support.
  4. CUSTOM (individuals and teams) – please book a free 15 minute call to discuss.

I keep the sessions fairly short as I prefer to get straight to the point and focus on the essentials. This is not therapy but help to find out where you are and get yourself to where you’d like to be.




My approach

Each program is very much specific to your needs. One size does not fit all! However, the core principles are based on my health coach training, client cases, my own recovery from chronic illness, putting systems in place (based on my 20 years in systems consultancy) and the latest research on:

  • Nutrition – what and when to eat and drink. Food can be enjoyable, satisfying AND good for you. This is NOT about dieting but shifting to a sustainable way of eating.
  • Movement – from gently stretching and walks in the park through to strength training or high intensity cardio training – it doesn’t have to be purgatory! I can help define the ‘minimum effective dose’ for the desired outcome.
  • Meditation & breathwork – whether this be when out walking, listening to music or deep in meditation, time to clear the head and reflect is essential. (link to research on this here).
  • Lifestyle – sleep, work, play, relationships, weight management, the list goes on …
  • Habit change – breaking old habits and building new ones are the key to making change stick. This sounds simple but is not always easy – this underpins the entire process.


Who I work with

My mission is simple – improve health and energy, lower unnecessary stress and illness. 

So if you are committed to making changes and are ready to take action then please set up a free 15 minute call with me by clicking below or send me a message in the ‘Contact’ tab to figure out the next steps.


Once we agree a plan, we can work out a package to suit your needs.

Sometimes change comes quickly other times it takes a while. Nonetheless, skilled guidance from a health coach throughout this process can be very powerful in effecting change.

Given time, a balanced, healthy and enjoyable life is within the grasp of us all.



PS – follow me on any of the below for new ideas on healthy living … some sensible, some surprising and some just to make you smile!




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