Knowing the unknown

Excuse me for stating the obvious but I’m going to anyway! There is much we do know – we know our shoe size, favourite foods and our way home at the end of the day. There is also much we don’t know, maybe the postman’s shoe size or favourite sports team! We are bombarded with new info for much of our day and we constantly filter out what we need to retain and what should be discarded. When we need to find something out, we might google it or ask a friend. However, what happens when we don’t know what we don’t know? This is where developing intuition comes in.

For example, a number of years ago I started to eat low carb – initially trialling this for a few weeks. I understood a few of the potential benefits at the time, for example, greater energy and weight loss, however only when trying low carb out did I really find out the specific impact on my own biology. In my case, the more significant effects were better sleep and clarity of thought. The key point here though was that until I had experimented, I had no real insight on the difference low carb may make. For some sleep gets worse, others it may improve, we just cannot predict.

The key point here is learning how to tune into our intuition for what is right for us. Sometimes we get a sense that a particular food, protocol, or exercise could be helpful, but it’s only when we experiment do we really know the impact. What I find really inspiring here is that the more we use and tune into our intuition the stronger the sense becomes.

Try it out, tune into your intuition, get a sense of what’s right for you – it won’t always be 100% correct but there’s no doubt the more you use it, the more powerful and accurate it will become!

As always, thanks for reading!