The Joy of Exercise! (2 min read)

Hi and welcome to my re-vamped updates – the priority here is minimum read time, maximum benefit!

So what’s your first thought when you hear the word ‘exercise’? Are you taken back to your childhood PE lessons, shivering in a cold gym? Do you sigh and think you could do more? Or does it get you going and make you want to go for a run?

Often the answer can be all of the above and more. However, there are so many forms of exercise to help maintain our health that can be included in day to day activities. I think replacing the word ‘exercise’ with ‘activity’ can help.

For example, walking, housework or gardening – this all counts. It could be a slow amble through the park through to a vigorous gardening session!

The bottom line is that humans are designed to move and be active. The ideal is frequent low-level movement throughout the day with occasional higher intensity activity and lifting something heavy a few times a week (we’ll get to specifics on these last two in a later post).

New research is showing that this approach is not just ‘ok’ for health but is OPTIMAL for human well-being and longevity – we do not need to exhaust ourselves at the gym to live longer!

So, this week, how could you get more frequent low-level movement into your day?

Thanks for reading and please share if you think this can be of benefit to others.