Don’t try so hard …

Hi and welcome back.

The purpose of this article is not to give every detail on every latest health topic, though sometimes updating you on latest research can be very helpful! The intention is to share approaches to health so that you can help yourself and others to maximise their well-being.

So today, one for the over-achievers, the stressed or just those who constantly push themselves to fatigue or even exhaustion – you know who you are! The challenge is just for one day or even one hour or at the very least a few minutes to not try so hard.

Sounds simple eh??

I can relate strongly to all of the above, I’ve spent much of my life pushing too hard and have experienced many of negative consequences from this.

The point here is not to avoid challenging ourselves or working hard but avoid pushing beyond the point our energy reserves get depleted, beyond the point we can handle the stress. These levels are very different for all of us, but once we can start to tune in, we can then take action to let go, release the pressure and replenish.

Helpfully, the body is very good at sending warning signals, for example, increased worry and anxiety, poor sleep quality, daytime fatigue or low moods. However we need to listen otherwise we can easily miss the signs!

Once we’ve recognised what’s going on, it’s time to apply the antidote. The key is doing something you love to do that takes the pressure off and replenishes the energy reserves, a few common starting points could be:

Exercise, getting outdoors (ideally in greenery or by the sea), yoga, meditation, listening to music, visiting friends or just sitting reading a book for a few minutes.

The list is endless, the key is that it relaxes and re-energises you.

So that’s the challenge … don’t try so hard. Give it a try … at the very least start to notice what depletes and what replenishes – you might be surprised!

Thanks for reading and please share if you think this can be of benefit to others.