Busy, busy, busy

It seems being busy is popular these days. Busyness seems to be breeding more busyness, it then becomes a habit and as so many around are so busy it can be even harder to break the habit – a vicious circle of busyness. Perhaps it’s a badge of honour, “I’m busy therefore I’m important”, or maybe just because there is so much we can and want to do, whatever the case its endemic. Once the busyness has been recognised, the best way out is just to stop. This can be hard at first because busyness has great momentum, but if we can just ‘stop’ – in whatever way possible – it could be for a cup of tea, a walk, some meditation or even just sitting down for a bit, the process of just stopping, even if just for a short time, helps slow the body and mind. From this, it’s much easier to focus on our priorities and leave behind the busyness …

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