Latest Reviews …

“Simon is enthusiastic and very knowledgeable about nutrition and wellbeing, this combined with a friendly approach made him incredibly easy to work with … I continue to tap into Simon’s wealth of knowledge as and when I need to. I love his refreshing and personal approach … I often recommend him to friends!” Andrea – St Albans

“Simon has been a constant champion and role model of the practice of mindfulness in our workplace and has given me the space, time and encouragement to develop myself in this area” – Nia, Change Manager.

“With Simon’s deep nutritional knowledge, his encouragement and positivity, I now have clear skin, a healthy body weight and am probably the fittest I have ever been even though I’m now in my forties.” Jakki – Watford

“Simon is able to relate to people at all levels and to communicate clearly about mindfulness, meaning that he became the go to expert for anyone wanting to run a session on mindfulness or to just start their own practice” Corinne – Finance Analyst

“Simon has a flexible approach to engaging with a wide audience, be it a total novice or someone already in the process of discovering mindfulness” Nithy – Senior IT Consultant