What is balance?

One of the main themes of this site is balance, however sometimes spending so much time and effort in trying to get balance can put us out of balance … tricky conundrum! The key is not so much getting a perfect balance into every single day, hour or minute, its aiming for balance over a longer period of time.

For example, spending a few weeks immersed on a work project and then balancing this off with a weekend with our family or in some other pursuit we really enjoy is different to working all hours for months or even years on end in a job we don’t like without a break. There are also real benefits to really engaging with a task or project for a while rather than flipping from one pursuit to another just so we can achieve a so-called balance. For example, how does regular meditation, healthy eating and yoga practice fit into the first week of a new job? Perhaps it makes sense to focus fully on the new job, meditate a little less and do some yoga the week after … or whatever combination suits.

This theme is particularly relevant as it pretty much describes my last week, and I may well have meditated a little less and eaten a little less veg this week but it’s ok! As ever, try it out, see how it works for you and please share any comments here.

Thanks for reading!