What are the benefits?

I’ve been practicing mindfulness for over 15 years and have witnessed the huge benefits it offers to myself and others, in all contexts – personal life, work life, social life – the list goes on.
There is a significant and growing body of evidence on the benefits. The list below is just some of the highlights and is far from an exhaustive list. Click here for the research links in the ‘Resources’ section.

Personal benefits

– Clearer thought, better focus and concentration.
– Increased resilience to stress, anxiety and burn-out.
– Boosts to immune system.
– Raised creativity and effectiveness.
– Lowers blood pressure.
– Improves sleep.
– Reduces pain and discomfort.

Additional benefits for teams / groups

– More effective communication and team working.
– Improved ability to address conflict.
– Increased stability during periods of change.
– Helps us relate better to others and ourselves.

Ultimately mindfulness re-wires our brain for a greater sense of well-being, happiness and resilience.